Find Your SPARK: Self-Care with Simply Bentley

Jun 13, 2021

This week Sandi D. talks with Kelsie Bentley, Self-Care Coach at Simply Bentley.

Kelsie shares her journey of discovering self care and why she created her 1:1 coaching program, Find Your Spark after conquering burnout.

She talks about the importance of establishing routines without forgetting the ‘fun.’ We talk about the importance of creating boundaries as an integral part of your self care.  

For our listeners, Kelsie is offering $200 off her Voxer package (part of her Find Your Spark 1:1 coaching) for a limited time. Just let her know you listened to this episode.  

Kelsie Bentley 





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Find Your Inner Zen Digital Bundle (includes FIRE audio affirmations)

7 Steps to Rock Your Podcast with Confidence (free Quick Guide)

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Producer: G 

Voice Overs: Sandi D & G

Recorded on: SquadCast

Music: Soundstripe: Mikey Geiger, Caleb Etheridge (ASCAP), Hom Tanks (SESAC)

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