Find Your Inner Zen Digital Bundle 

Yes, Find My Inner Zen

Audio Affirmations from Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen.

When you listen to these 30 affirmations, you will feel Fearless. You will be Inspired and Radiate with positive energy. 

These audio affirmations will Empower you to achieve your goals.

Yes, I Want It!


30 Uplifting & Powerful Affirmations from Sandi D. (audio)

31 Quotes to Inspire, Ignite, & Uplift You


Find Your Inner Zen Journal

7 days of journal prompts, affirmations, and inspiring quotes, and a space to reflect on your daily zen.

Essential Oils Guide

Essential Oils to Help You Get Your Relax On (guide). Includes recipes to help you relax & rejuvenate. 

Find Your Inner Zen Digital Bundle

Self-care has become even more critical this past year when access to our usual support systems has been restricted due to the global pandemic. This bundle will help you relax & rejuvenate. 

Yes, Find My Inner Zen

A beautiful collection of thoughts & images that spans many cohorts of folks. Well-balanced spectrum of ideas & cohorts.

Jean Thomas

Retired Oral Communications Coach

Hi, I'm Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen & the host of the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast.

I created the Find Your Inner Zen bundle to help YOU pull through challenging times. You will feel empowered, ignited, and uplifted. 

My 30 Audio Affirmations will kickstart and energize your day. 

I've created six audio downloads with intention so that you can IGNITE the FIRE within. 

Be Fearless.

Get Inspire(d).

Radiate positive energy.

Be Empower(ed).

Gain Clarity; and

Spark your Motivation with these POWERFUL audio affirmations

I created the 31 inspiring quotes to uplift and ignite you with beautiful floral designs.

This bundle also includes the Essential Oils to Get Your Relax On Guide and the Find Your Inner Zen 7 day journal

My vision is to bring joy to your heart and soul.

I'd love to hear which quotes and affirmations resonate the most with you!

Yes, I Want It!