Find Your Inner Zen Digital Bundle 


IGNITE the FIRE Within

Are you looking for a new way to start your day?

IGNITE the FIRE within -- with my audio affirmations. Be Fearless. Get Inspire(d). Radiate positive energy. Be Empower(ed).

Gain Clarity & Spark your Motivation with these POWERFUL audio affirmations. 

My FIRE audio affirmations will kickstart and energize your day! You'll find inner peace, feel empowered, and radiate positivity.


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Feeling frazzled & burned out? Let's do something about that.

You're not alone.

Hi, I'm Sandi DQueen of Podcast Zen & host of the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast. My Find Your Inner Zen digital bundle helps you relax & rejuvenate from overwhelm!

Go from stressed out to relaxed & rejuvenated in just ten minutes a day--it's all possible with this digital bundle that guides you through some simple yet powerful tools for your mind-body connection.

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Hi, I’m Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen & host of the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast.

If you're frazzled & stressed out, I get it. I've been there. Work-related stress affected my physical & mental health.

I remember feeling like I was going to collapse on a Washington, DC metro platform at the end of a stressful work day. I could barely lift my feet to move forward and felt dizzy.

I had trouble breathing, my heart was racing, and had a sudden fear that I was having a heart attack.

I eventually found out from my doctor that this is what a panic attack feels like.

I had had enough. I deserved better.

So I set out on a journey in search of stress-relief techniques and started making my self-care a top priority.

If you too are feeling overwhelmed and burned out, making your self-care a priority will change your life.

I invite you to discover my Find Your Inner Zen digital bundle to help you on your self care journey.

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Ignite the Fire Within Affirmation Cards (digital)

Art therapy has been one of my favorite ways to manage stress and find my inner zen. When I'm creating art, I tap into my creative zen and enter into a state of 'flow.' 

I'm so excited to share some of my art with you on my Ignite the Fire Within digital affirmation cards. 

I hope you find strength, hope, peace, and resilience in these affirmation cards. 

You can view these affirmation cards on your phone. Learn more about positive affirmations in the Building Your Self-Care Toolkit Workbook also in the Find Your Inner Zen digital bundle. 

Yes, Find My Inner Zen (Only $33)

Building Your Self-Care Toolkit Workbook

I created this workbook so that you can find 'me' time, create your self-care toolkit, and reflect on your daily practice.


  • Personal Self-Care Worksheet to assess your current self-care routine
  • Daily gratitude lists
  • Finding "Me" Time worksheets
  • Creating Affirmations
  • Self-Care Menu
  • Bingo Challenge
  • Journal to Reflect on Your Day;
  • and more!!

31 Quotes to Inspire, Ignite & Uplift You

You deserve to be inspired, uplifted, & ignited!

Inspiration is all around us. It's in the people we meet, the books we read, and the quotes that inspire us to live our best life. But sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration when you need it most. 

That's why I created 31 Quotes to Inspire, Ignite, & Uplift You--a collection of inspirational quotes from some of history's most powerful women paired with beautiful floral images you can save on your phone or computer screen--or print! Now you have access to these inspiring words at any time.

These are not just words on a page but rather reminders that will help you stay motivated throughout your day-to-day life.

Read these quotes when you need an extra boost of encouragement or before starting something new. They will remind you that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard enough for what you want!

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Yes, Find My Inner Zen (Only $33)

Essential Oils Guide

Essential Oils have been an important tool in my self-care journey. My Essential Oils to Get Your Relax On Guide includes my favorite recipes to help you find your inner zen. 

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