Rock Star Speakers


Hey Rock Stars!

Tired of scripted formulas and feeling like your message falls flat?

Unleash your 'Je ne sais quoi' and speak with confidence.

Join the Band, ditch the script, and connect with your clients like never before.

Sign up for our Rock Star Speakers program and channel your inner rock star now!


Join the BAND… 

  • Find your VOICE
  • Unlock your ‘Je ne sais quoi’
  • Create your setlist of engaging stories (ditch the script!)
  • Tap into your AUTHENTIC self (rip off the ‘mask’)
  • Connect with your audience 
  • Become a go-to expert (bye, bye imposter syndrome)
  • ROCK your interviews! (Hello Confident ROCK STAR SPEAKER!) 

Channel your inner ROCK STAR and get Backstage Access in our supportive community! 

Yes, I'm READY to ROCK!

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

with Personalized Coaching from G Wright

Elevate your speaking skills and leave a lasting impact on your audience with our customized 1:1 coaching program featuring G Wright, our Rock Star Speakers Trainer.

Get five exclusive 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals, plus access to The Band - a supportive group coaching experience to fine-tune your message and expand your network.

Can't make it to the live sessions? No problem - all band practices are recorded.

And with Video on the Go, pre-recorded lessons from G Wright & the Queen of Podcast Zen herself, Sandi D, you'll have everything you need to unlock your 'Je ne sais quoi' and become a confident and impactful speaker - whenever and wherever you want.

Don't wait - unleash your inner Rock Star and sign up today!

Yes, I'm a ROCK STAR Speaker!

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

with Backstage Access to our Exclusive Speaker Training Program

Are you ready to take your speaking skills to the next level and leave a lasting impact on your audience?

Look no further than Rock Star Speakers - this is NOT your typical training program.

With G's 25+ years of music industry experience combined with Sandi D's insights as the Queen of Podcast Zen, our program will help you unlock your 'Je ne sais quoi' and find your voice.

We'll teach you the proven techniques that ROCK Stars use before going on stage.

You will speak with confidence and clarity, create a crystal clear message, and connect with your audience like never before.

This isn't just any training program - this is an exclusive program designed to develop rising STARS.

Get ready to channel your inner rockstar and unlock your full potential with our unique approach to speaker training.

Are you ready to find your VOICE? Unlock your 'Je ne sais quoi'?

It's time to join us Backstage and become a true Rock Star Speaker.

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