Welcome to All Things Relax Studios

I'm Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen & host of the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast where I interview creative & inspiring women around the globe.

I'm an Introvert with a capital 'I' and started All Things Relax Studios to show other introvert entrepreneurs how to tap into their strengths, start a podcast & manifest their DREAM clients.

Introverts, it's time to step into your POWER & channel your inner ROCK STAR!

Welcome to

All Things Relax Studios

I'm Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen & host of the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast where I interview creative & inspiring women around the globe.

I'm an Introvert with a capital 'I' and started All Things Relax Studios to show other introvert entrepreneurs how to tap into their strengths, start a podcast & manifest their DREAM clients.

Introverts, it's time to step into your POWER & channel your inner ROCK STAR!

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You have a voice and it deserves to be heard.


Find Your Inner Zen


This digital bundle Includes:

  • Uplifting & Powerful Affirmations from Sandi D. (audio plus digital cards)
  • Building Your Self-Care Toolkit Workbook to help you create your self-care menu so you can find your inner zen!
  • 31 Inspiring Quotes with beautiful floral designs to brighten your day
  • Find Your Inner Zen Journal (journal prompts, affirmations, inspiring quotes, and a space to reflect on your daily zen).
  • Essential Oils to Help You Get Your Relax On (guide)


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Introvert's Guide to Rocking Your Podcast eCourse


Introvert entrepreneurs, build your authority with a podcast & grow your business!

  • Overcome self doubt & share your story
  • Promote your business with your podcast to manifest your dream clients
  • Broadcast a crystal clear message that resonates with your listeners
  • Step into your power with the Introvert's Toolkit to boost your confidence 
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 Introverts, Step into Your Power MasterClass


Stop holding yourself back as an introvert entrepreneur and discover:

  • Introverts' unique strengths
  • How to speak with confidence & clarity
  • Create your professional sounding podcast
  • Attract your DREAM clients
  • Grow your soul-driven business
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Introverts, Step into your Power!

Hi, I'm Sandi D.


My vision is to bring joy to your heart and soul to help you move from survive to thrive mode. As an empath and introvert, I understand the special self-care needs we have. 

I will walk you through overcoming the self doubt that introverts face.

I will show you that your VOICE matters & your MESSAGE needs to be shared.

Launching my podcast has given me the power to connect women to a global audience and give their message a platform.

Now it's my turn to help YOU find your voice, step into your POWER, and manifest your dream clients.

More about me

Being an introvert myself, I know how hard it is oftentimes to express yourself to someone, how much more speaking to a wide audience. This course has opened my mind that with enough preparation and willingness to learn the technical side, an introvert can certainly rock a podcast. This course explains how to do this step by step and with Sandi and G's knowledge, I am inspired to set up my own podcast. Thanks Sandi and G! 


Maria O., New Zealand

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