I'm Sandi D.

Queen of Podcast Zen & Rock Star Speakers Trainer


I'm a podcast host, author, & media trainer empowering women, one story at a time. But I'm so much more than that. And so are you.

As an introvert who overcame my fear of public speaking, I unlocked the code to speaking my truth and owning my story. 

Join me on a journey of self-discovery and unapologetic confidence. Step into your power & channel your inner ROCK STAR.

I'm G. Wright

Rock Star Speakers Trainer & Producer

I’m Gregory, everyone calls me G. 

I’m the co-founder, producer & Rock Star Speakers trainer at All Things Relax Studios. 

With over 25 years in the music industry, I’ve gotten to work with some amazing artists across music genres as a live sound engineer and tour manager–including the Queen of Soul (Aretha Franklin).

I managed the logistics of moving bands and their crew all across the US and to over 35 countries. Working with publicity departments, publicists, & record labels, I also prepared the artist (lead singer) for interviews with national & global media outlets. 

I’ve seen what makes or breaks a good interview.  

So what does this have to do with you? 

Well, I see the star power in people before they see it in themselves.

I discover & develop ROCK STAR Speakers.

You might be wondering, what does that really mean?

By sharing proven tips & techniques that performers use before going on stage, I show you ROCK STAR ‘moves’ that will give you the confidence & swagger to promote your business, book, & creative work. 

I love seeing clients experience their ah-ha moments during 1:1 coaching sessions & BAND practice (group coaching). 

Sandi D, Queen of Podcast Zen, and I have created a safe place–a ‘media lab’ where you can talk things through and craft your setlist. Practice your signature sound and get feedback. 

Get ready to ROCK your interviews & speaking engagements!! 

To learn more, check out some of my interviews on the Media page

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"Wow! The sound bites are likened to a musician's song is SO HELPFUL. I so wish it had been explained this way to me early on my journey. This makes so much sense."

Tirra, Spiritual Guide & YouTube Host

"....how much more clarity & confidence I have in being my own true, authentic self. I'm putting out this message into the world that is inspiring so many...thank you Sandi D & G!"

Lorrine, Founder of Show Up & Love,
Author, & Podcast Host