I'm Sandi D.

I'm the Queen of Podcast Zen & Rock Star Speakers Coach, an author, and podcast host who's dedicated to empowering women one story at a time.

As an introvert who once struggled with public speaking, I've cracked the code to speaking my truth and owning my story

I'll help you unleash your inner Creative Zen and Ignite the FIRE within.

Join me on this transformational journey and  let's unlock your full potential together.

Bonjour I'm G!

I'm a co-founder, producer, and Rock Star Speakers coach at All Things Relax Studios.

With over 25 years in the music biz, I've worked with legends like Aretha Franklin as a live sound engineer and tour manager.

I help you discover your inner ROCK STAR!

By sharing proven tips and techniques used by performers, I'll show you how to exude confidence when promoting your business, book, or creative work.

Join me and let's discover your STAR power, create your signature sound, and channel your inner Rock Star!

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"Wow! The sound bites are likened to a musician's song is SO HELPFUL. I so wish it had been explained this way to me early on my journey. This makes so much sense."

Tirra, Spiritual Guide & YouTube Host

"....how much more clarity & confidence I have in being my own true, authentic self. I'm putting out this message into the world that is inspiring so many...thank you Sandi D & G!"

Lorrine, Founder of Show Up & Love,
Author, & Podcast Host