Co-Parenting with the Universe: Interview with Murielle Fellous

podcast guest Jul 25, 2021

This week on the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast, Sandi D. talks with Murielle Fellous, founder of Co-Parenting with the Universe. She’s a Certified Quantum Life Coach, EFT/Tapping Specialist, and Advanced Reiki Practitioner who offers group and 1:1 coaching. She combines science and spirituality in her coaching practice.

She talks about tapping into the power of the universe to navigate life’s challenges and has a special interest in helping moms with raising difficult teenagers.

Murielle walks us through a guided EFT tapping exercise to help listeners release stress and anxiety. You can also view her EFT sessions on YouTube (links below). 

You’ll want to listen to the section where Murielle explains raising your vibration / frequency with the elevator metaphor. Murielle shares that she has a notebook where she has compiled a list of activities that put her in a higher vibration / frequency. 

Some of her favorite activities include taking day trips in the car with her children--one of her favorite ways to connect with her children is by sharing music. 

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Murielle says that dealing with your inner critic is the key to healing and compares the inner work to peeling the leaves off an artichoke. She talks about how her work has been inspired by Louise Hay, Dr. Joe DIspenza and that her favorite book is the Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz).

Murielle is offering listeners who sign up for her email newsletter a free copy of her Back to Peace Kit. You can sign up on her website (link below). You can also listen to Murielle’s podcast, Co-Parenting with the Universe which will be released soon. 

Murielle Fellous


Youtube: EFT/Tapping


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