Top 5 Qualities of Introverted Entrepreneurs

introversion introvert entrepreneurs Sep 14, 2021


"You are not alone." Introverts have a message for the world. Introverted entrepreneurs, in particular, take this mantra to heart and believe that introversion is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Introverted entrepreneurs live by these five qualities:

  1. They listen more than they talk.
  2. They think before acting.
  3. They know how to be present with others without being intrusive.
  4. Their energy is focused inwardly on their own thoughts and feelings.
  5. Their energy flows outwardly from them when it's appropriate.

Introverts listen more than they talk. Although introverted entrepreneurs might be quiet, that doesn't mean they're not listening to what's happening around them. Introverts absorb information through their senses and process it internally before engaging with others in conversation or action.

Introverts often have a high level of active listening skills because the value judgments associated with face-to-face conversation are not present. Introverted entrepreneurs use their active listening skills to connect with clients and customers on a deeper level, which inevitably helps them build more trust and rapport in business relationships.

Introverts think before acting. Introverted entrepreneurs don't make rash decisions because they take the time to process information internally first. This means introverted entrepreneurs can assess situations and make decisions without having to rely on external stimuli like loud noises, harsh or demanding tones of voice and other people's opinions. Introverted entrepreneurs think before they speak as well as act because introversion is associated with a more thoughtful consideration of the world around them. 

On a personal note, my business and life partner (and podcast producer), G, sometimes is frustrated when he wants me to make a snap business decision and I ask if I can think it over. I like to joke around that I’m a Virgo and that as a Virgo I need to take time to process the data, but I’ve never really connected that to my being an introvert. (If you haven’t guessed yet, G is an extrovert.)

Introverts know how to be present with others without being intrusive. Introverted entrepreneurs are comfortable with silence and take the time to listen attentively before sharing their thoughts. Introverted entrepreneurs might not speak as often or express themselves in a way that is immediately noticeable, but they can be extremely observant of other people's behaviors, reactions and emotions. Introverted entrepreneurs use these observations to understand others better; this insight can help introverts build stronger relationships with their clients and customers.

Introverted entrepreneurs know how to be present without being intrusive because they understand the power of quiet observation which can be just as important as making noise. Introverts often exhibit greater levels of empathy because they take the time to understand other perspectives before sharing their own.

Having lived in Japan for two years AND being an introvert, I have to say that I’m more comfortable than most Americans when it comes to dealing with silence during a conversation. You know, those times when the discussion comes to a halt and you feel the awkward silence? Well, as an introvert, I love getting a break from having to process auditory input and just sitting back and observing the person I’m talking to. 

Introverted entrepreneurs' energy is generally focused inward on their own thoughts and feelings. Introverted entrepreneurs don't need constant stimulation, which means they can go long periods of time without speaking, bringing them closer to understanding others' wants, needs and challenges. This gives them the opportunity to also reflect on solutions and ponder other perspectives. As an introverted entrepreneur, I know I need quiet time to recharge, reflect, and renew. 

Introverts are more comfortable keeping energy focused inwardly on their own thoughts and feelings. Introverted entrepreneurs have a deep internal life and often prefer to work alone. They have a rich internal life because they are able to spend large amounts of time in quiet reflection which helps them understand their own feelings and motivations as well as those of others.

Introverts often feel things more deeply than extroverts. Introversion can sometimes be mistaken for shyness or being aloof which is why introverts need to understand how their energy flows outwardly. Introverted entrepreneurs can use this knowledge to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas in a way that feels comfortable for them while still helping others connect with them on an emotional level.

Introverted entrepreneurs know the power of quiet reflection because it helps them do better business which means they generally prioritize their energy towards internal reflection. They are often more comfortable keeping energy focused inwardly on themselves which is why they generally prioritize doing business in a way that feels most natural to them, while also helping others connect with them on an emotional level.

So, if you're an introvert and are trying to decide whether or not to become an entrepreneur or are wondering if you’ll be successful when the thought of promoting yourself and your business makes you cringe, remember these top five (5) qualities.

Take an inventory of your strengths and do a SWOT analysis to see how you can leverage introversion to your advantage as an entrepreneur. If you need a gentle nudge to forward, step into your power, and channel your inner ROCK STAR, I invite you to join my MasterClass, Introverts, Step into Your Power