POWER Affirmations to Kick Start Your Day & Boost Your Confidence

May 27, 2021
All Things Relax Studios
POWER Affirmations to Kick Start Your Day & Boost Your Confidence

I recently created this set of affirmations for my personal use to help me POWER through my day. You see, I have been working through visibility blocks and part of the You, Unleashed program that I've been taking includes creating affirmations to help rewire and retrain the brain.

This week I am making major breakthroughs and will be a speaker at Faith Mariah's Coach-ela, a two day business and mindset live coaching festival being held May 28-29th. You can grab your tickets here

My inner bully, whom I've decided to give a name, Zelda (I had recently watched a series on F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda, plus my son had just read the Great Gatsby), has been rearing her ugly head a bit earlier this week trying to plant seeds of self doubt.

How do I manage 'Zelda' you might ask? Well, I like to channel my inner ROCK STAR and remind myself that yes, I am a BADA$$ by listening to my POWER affirmations.

I realized that although I recorded this set of affirmations just for myself, there might be other women, particularly those who will be presenting at Faith Mariah's Coach-ela, who might need a little confidence booster, so I've decided to share them in this post. To listen, click on the embedded audio player at the top of this blog post. the POWER affirmations state: 

You are a BADA$$.

You are strong.

You are safe.

You are invincible.

You are becoming more confident every day. 

It is safe to speak your truth.

You are competent.

You live your life with purpose and clarity.

You are worthy.

You attract positive energy. 

I used these affirmations to pull myself out of a negative downward spiral the other week when I was stressing out about missing my flight from Louisville, KY to Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI). I was supposed to pick up our newest member of the family, Joey, an aussiedoodle puppy, but his previous 'mom' was stuck in traffic. It was a huge pain because I had carefully planned my trip so that we could take a direct flight and minimize the time that Joey would be stuck in a pet carrier. 

Well, sometimes life throws a few curve balls at you. I was stressed out because the rest of my family was en route from Denver to BWI and was supposed to arrive an hour after me. Now I would be arriving several hours after them! I actually thought as I was calming my inner bully 'Zelda' down that well, this is kind of like running a business. Sometimes you have to pivot and change plans. 

Fortunately, the recovering Type A Virgo that I am had had the foresight to give my partner an extra key to my car so that he and my kids could get the luggage into my car, fill up the gas tank, and get dinner while I was stuck on the next flight -- not direct -- going from Louisville, KY to Atlanta, GA, to BWI. Hmm, maybe I have been listening to those third eye meditations enough to tap into my intuition...somehow I knew we would need the extra set of car keys....

Joey and I arrived safely after midnight. 

I am so grateful that my older son offered to drive us home from BWI to central PA (3 1/2 hours) in the middle of the night. The last time I had such a crazy travel delay was back in 1998 en route to my kids' uncle's wedding in France. (That's a wild story for another day!!) 

Enough about me....I'd love to know if my POWER affirmations help you boost your confidence  and kick start your day. Feel free to reach out to me on IG @allthingsrelaxstudios to let me know. 

P.S. Special shout out to the Blogging Breakthroughs Mastermind ROCK STARS--your love and support have lifted me up in more ways than you could ever imagine--thank you!!!