From Grief 2 Hope, Interview with Hope Reger

podcast podcast guest Jul 05, 2021

This week on the podcast I talked with Hope Reger, founder and facilitator of Grief 2 Hope, a virtual peer grief support group.

After the tragic loss of her son, Justin, who will be ‘forever 19,’ Hope made the decision to honor his memory by helping others who have lost loved ones. 

Hope radiates kindness, positivity, and love by pouring her heart into creating a supportive space for people in all stages of grief. The group meets on Zoom for 7 weeks and many participants have returned to subsequent cohorts. 

We talked about how grief has no time limit and how each person's experience with grief is unique. The support sessions are centered around sharing each others' stories and respective journeys through the grieving process. 

She guides the group through GRIEF by focusing on these concepts:

G = gift of time

R = receive help

I = inspiring yourself

E = managing expectations

F = feel everything

The timing of this episode seems like divine timing or serendipity. I am still a work in progress with respect to grieving the loss of my older brother who passed away due to an accident when he was 7. What resonated most about this episode was when Hope describes how grief is like a heartbeat, but with time, the intervals between the beats generally get longer as you move through your grief. 

You'll be inspired to hear how Hope transforms dark times into light in order to help others.

Hope Reger 




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