Building Expert Authority as a Podcast Guest or Host

podcast podcast guest Mar 25, 2021

Being a guest on someone else's podcast can build your ‘expert’ authority. 

In the past, establishing your ‘authority’ on a subject usually meant getting a public relations (PR) firm to book a spot on a regional or national morning show, or maybe an interview on a radio station, or involve a magazine or newspaper interview, depending on your target audience. Hiring a PR firm can be costly. 

But let’s back up for a minute and ask: “Why is establishing ‘expert authority’ even important?”

So, it start with the concept of authority bias. Most people tend to trust the opinion of a recognized authority figure and are influenced by them. To become recognized as an ‘authority’ or subject matter expert usually involves building up a portfolio of media appearances to bolster your credibility, especially if it is a well-respected media outlet or one popular for your niche.

Websites often have a section labeled ‘As featured in’ and under it you will see various logos for each well-known publication or show the 'personality' or expert has appeared in. This tends to be the case on websites for coaches, authors, consultants, and other entrepreneurs. Viewers may see the ‘as featured in’ as an endorsement of the person in question by the media outlet(s) listed and in turn, are more likely to trust them.

As mentioned above, PR firms would and still do book an ‘expert’ on television, radio, or get press coverage in the newspaper. From the podcast host perspective, I have been approached by PR firms seeking to place their client on the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast. The pandemic, though, has somewhat changed up the PR paradigm. 

While PR firms are still pitching their clients to media outlets, including podcasts,  it is possible to find these opportunities yourself. Being interviewed as a guest on a podcast can expand your geographical reach. Both you and the podcast host can promote the episode on social media. 

Whether you are a podcast host looking for guests or are a potential guest looking to be interviewed, you should do your due diligence to make sure the podcast is the right fit.

Some questions to ask include:

  1. Does your target audience listen to this podcast (if you are the guest)? 
  2. If you are the podcast host, will the guest’s message resonate with your listeners?
  3. Does the show format ‘vibe’ with you? 
  4. How are interview questions determined?
  5. Are questions provided in advance?

Note: Each host has his or her preference and there is no wrong or right way to do it, but for my show, I like to provide questions in advance so that my guests are better prepared.

The next question you might ask is how can I find opportunities?

  1. Facebook groups where you can post ‘be a guest’ or ‘find a guest.’
  2. Clubhouse Clubs and Rooms. 
  3. Ask former guests for recommendations.
  4. Ask friends, family, colleagues if they know someone who would be a good fit.
  5. Work with a PR firm. 

Regarding Facebook groups--This still requires doing research to see if it’s a good fit, but it can help you find people you otherwise would not have ‘met.’ 

Clubhouse has clubs where you can network with podcast potential guests and hosts.  The All Things Podcasting club invites you to network with podcast hosts (or guests) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. EST.

My producer, G, and I co-moderate this room and invite you to follow us and introduce yourself to the group. Our club attendance is typically small enough that everyone who wants to speak has the opportunity to do so. 

If you are a potential guest who is too busy and have the money to invest, hiring a PR firm might be the way to go. Your publicist does all of the initial groundwork and research on your behalf.

Once you have appeared as a guest, be sure to ask the host if they have social media graphics you can share to help get the word out. Keep track of your guest appearances and create a portfolio to share on your website. If you are reaching out to potential podcast hosts for consideration, you can provide them with a few links to podcasts where you have been featured so that they can get a feel for what your message is. 

If you are a podcast host and would like some guidance on how to create the best interview experience for your guests, you'll want to check out the Introvert's Guide to Rocking Your Podcast eCourse. The pre-interview checklist and discussion is gold. 

Last, but not least, celebrate your success!! Feel free to join the All Things Relax Studios Facebook group to share your podcast.