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Prepare to rock the leadership arena with the dynamic duo, Mike Stevenson and Breda McCague.

Ignite your legacy against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera

Join 25 trailblazing leaders for a game-changing experience. 

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(Applications accepted until 30 September 2023)

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Meet Mike Stevenson

Mike is a motivational speaker, legendary leader, author, & thought leader from Edinburgh, Scotland.

A multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Mike's impact beyond his business life was recognized at 10 Downing Street as one of only 21 UK directors to receive the inaugural Business in the Community award in 2006. 

His powerful storytelling has captivated audiences for over 25 years-making him one of the world's most influential and engaging speakers. 

Join him at #RivieraOnStage to experience his unique perspective on leadership and uncover new ways to excel. #MikeStevensonSpeaks

Learn more about Mike Stevenson.


Meet Breda McCague

Dublin’s powerhouse Breda McCague is a global TED speaker, leadership specialist, and growth magician.

Her storytelling and expertise will make this an unforgettable event. 

With a gift for captivating storytelling, Breda's insights have reshaped leaders' approaches worldwide.

Her sessions are all about igniting potential and leaving a lasting mark of positive change.

Join her at #RivieraOnStage to experience her transformative expertise! #BredasBiteSize

Learn more about Breda McCague.

Meet  Gregory "G" Wright

Gregory, aka "G" is a Rock Star Speakers coach, producer, & podcast host based in Nice, France. 

Bringing over 25 years of music industry experience to #RivieraOnStage, Gregory “G” Wright has worked as a tour manager and sound engineer for legendary acts like Aretha Franklin and more.

His dynamic facilitation promises to ignite discussions and amplify the impact of this leadership summit.

Join Gregory "G" and the Rock Star Speakers for an electrifying leadership summit that's sure to resonate.  #RockstarSpeakers

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Who is this for?

Calling all visionary leaders! Riviera On Stage is your exclusive platform for growth. Whether you're a CEO, VP, entrepreneur, or marketing professional, this summit is tailor-made for those who dare to redefine leadership.

Join the electrifying #RockstarSpeakers, Breda McCague, Mike Stevenson, and moderator Gregory “G” Wright, as they bring their transformative expertise to the French Riviera.

Elevate your leadership journey, unlock new perspectives, and collaborate with the best. Don't miss out on this chance to propel your success! #RivieraOnStage


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The Details

The Riviera On Stage Summit is 10 & 11 November 2023 at the Splendid Hotel & Spa Nice.  

Ready to ignite your leadership potential? Join us at Riviera On Stage, a 2-day summit that will redefine your approach to leadership.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Splendid Hotel & Spa in Nice, France, this dynamic event is your chance to learn, collaborate, and inspire.

From 0930 to 1700 each day, immerse yourself in sessions led by #RockstarSpeakers Breda McCague and Mike Stevenson, alongside moderator Gregory “G” Wright, a music industry veteran with over 25 years of experience.

Their messages will fuel your journey, followed by immersive leadership workshops designed to spark fresh ideas and collaborations.

Picture this: 5 leaders per table, across 5 different tables, sharing insights and inspiring change.

Spotlight Photos: your stand out moments in the limelight with Riviera Pictures

It's not just about your business; it's about making a positive social impact with your clients and your community.

This is your invitation to be a part of something extraordinary – a journey that transcends business and transforms lives. #RivieraOnStage

The cost is 750 € per person for the 2 day summit. 

Does not include hotel, airfare, & travel expenses. 

Leadership Meet & Greet: Meet the speakers & other registered leaders attending Riviera On Stage.

Mon 23 Oct 2023 (on Zoom)

(2000 CET, 1900 UK, 1400 NY, 1100 LA)

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