Taming the Inner Critic

Season #2 Episode #71

Show Notes

In this episode, Sandi D. talks about writer’s block while working on her memoir, soothing her inner critic (‘Zelda’) and the importance of stepping away to relax & recharge. 

Sandi shares how juggling different roles can lead to burn out and how helpful inner work has been as far as recognizing when to slow down. She also reflects on how reconnecting with nature is still one of her go-to ways to recharge. 

As a child, she would explore trails in the forest and walk to the beach. 

Once Sandi D. recharges, she plans on working with book coach (and social anxiety coach) Sadie Hall.

As a side note, Sandi D’s producer & partner G’s birthday is just around the corner! She’s the introvert Virgo & he’s the extrovert Gemini (yin and yang!) – both sun signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. 

Happy Birthday to G! 

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