Victoria Wolf, Home Is Where You Park It.

Season #3 Episode #79

Show Notes

In this episode, Sandi speaks with Victoria Wolf, Chef, Content Creator, Graphic Designer, and Nomad. She’s the founder of GF Explorers as well as Wolf Design and Marketing.

Victoria is a self-taught graphic designer, chef, and artist who lives a nomadic life, traveling the country, working, cooking, and exploring in an RV with her husband, Rich.

Victoria shares her serial entrepreneurial journey which started in childhood. 

According to Victoria, “Home is where you park it.” She and her husband decided to sell their house and travel the US in an RV. She talks about how freeing it was to declutter before becoming a nomad. 

Victoria has been gluten-free since 2007 and noticed her health improved and then also went dairy-free. It can be hard to find gluten-free products that have the same texture as gluten products. Victoria says bread and pizza crust were the hardest to replicate with the ‘gluten’ texture. She and her husband have a YouTube channel, GF Explorers, where they demonstrate gluten-free recipes. 

Here's the link to the German Potato Salad Victoria mentions in this episode.

Victoria shares how although she’s a graphic designer, she hadn’t thought of herself as an artist until she finally found herself with time to focus on painting. She ended up teaching herself how to paint and wrote a book about what she learned during the process, Perpetual Conflict. 

Read a chapter from Victoria’s book, Perpetual Conflict.

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