Connection & Clarity in 2022

Season #2 Episode #62

Show Notes

In this episode, I share my word of the year for 2022, connection, as well as my partner & producer G’s word, clarity.

I recap what we accomplished in 2021 and how we used our vision board to keep our dreams & goals top of mind. 

For 2022, G and I have recast our vision for what we want to do personally and professionally. After a moment of clarity thanks to listening to a motivational video from Oprah Winfrey, I received these words as a download: Empowering women, one story at a time. 

In 2022 we’ll be offering Rock Star Media Coaching sessions. Learn more at All Things Relax Studios.

Mentioned in this episode:
Oprah Winfrey (30 Minutes for the Next 30 Years of Your Life)

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Rock Star Media Training Sessions

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