Your Spiritual Guide, Tirra-Omilade

Season #2 Episode #63

Show Notes

In this episode, I interview Tirra-Omilade Harrow, Spiritual Guide and Coach and founder of Goddess Body, Mind, Spirit. TIrra shares with us how to embrace and practice a goddess-centered lifestyle.

Tirra uses ancient wisdom and guidance to empower women by showing them how to tap into their full potential by understanding their various cycles.

She offers general and mini-readings (check her website for availability). We talk about how to approach 2022 especially in light of the past two years. Tirra also shares why it’s important to trust your intuition. 

Tirra’s calm and grounding energy is refreshing! Her Goddess Inner Circle is a group of powerful women on the path to spiritual growth and development. 

Tirra-Omilade Harrow

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