Channel Your Inner ROCK STAR, G Wright

Season #2 Episode #66

Show Notes

In this episode, Sandi D. talks to the man behind the scenes, producer & media trainer, G  (Gregory) about G Wright's music background.

G shares what different artists (lead singers/band members) have in common and how he taps into that in ROCK STAR VIP Media Training to help coaches, authors, and creative entrepreneurs. 

Sandi D & G talk about how their media training program is different from more traditional media training and how crafting your crystal clear message is similar to writing a song. 

G shares what happens inside the program and how clients become members of ‘the Band.’

All Things Relax Studios
Rock Star VIP Media Training 

Production Credits
Produced By: G at All Things Relax Studios
Voice Overs & Promotional Spots: Sandi D & G
Recorded On: SquadCast
Mastered & Released: BuzzSprout
Music Licensed: Soundstripe: Fantoms (ASCAP), Hunter Parks (BUMA/STEMRA)
All Things Relax Studios