What's Self Care Got to Do with It?

affirmations self care stress management stress reduction Mar 24, 2021
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What's Self Care Got to Do with It?

As I sat down to write this post, for some reason, Tina Turner's song "What's Love Got to Do with It?" popped into my head, so that then led to the question and reflection, "What's self care got to do with it?" You've heard the now cliché but still so true 'Self care is not selfish' or 'Self care is self love' quotes, but do you really believe it?

Are you really taking your 'me' time and focusing on self care, or are you getting caught up in life's many responsibilities, be it motherhood, being a caring partner/spouse, being a kind friend, taking care of fur babies, helping out with aging parents--and juggling that with work, and for many people this past year, supervising remote learning?

I confess, establishing and maintaining boundaries to give myself time for self care has been challenging, especially this past year. If you are need some inspiration, I invite you to check out these articles I wrote for our sister site, All Things Relax. 

 Now, if you really need a some motivation to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate, you'll want to check out my Find Your Inner Zen digital bundle. We have re-released it and it now includes 30 audio affirmations that will ignite and inspire you. 

I personally curated the accompanying music for each audio file. Not to toot my own horn, but it's so good, you'll be on 'FIRE.' I've added one of the affirmations to this blog post (EMPOWER) so you can hear a sample! 

The digital bundle includes other self-care goodness--the 31 Quotes to Inspire, Ignite, and Uplift You, the Find Your Inner Zen journal (7 days of journal prompts, affirmations, and inspiring quotes, and a space to reflect on your daily zen), and the Essential Oils to Get Your Relax On (Guide).

I'd love to know what self care looks like for you. Feel free to stop by the Facebook group or drop a comment over on Instagram.