Small Business Holiday Gift Guide 2021

gifts from small businesses small business holiday gift guide 2021 support small business Dec 13, 2021

Hi, I'm Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen. If you haven't finished going through your 'naughty or nice' list and want to find something different, here's a list of small businesses you can support! When you purchase from a small business owner, you're supporting not only their dreams but also their families.

So without further ado, here's the All Things Relax Small Business Holiday Gift Guide for 2021!! I'll be adding to this list from now until the end of the holiday season, so be sure to check back for updates. 

  1. Christina at Matters of Movement helps women looking to get stronger, more resilient and capable while connecting deeply with their bodies through Pilates and movement. Check out her online pilates, movement and wellness studio.  This full online studio includes live Pilates and Movement classes as well as a growing library of prerecorded classes that include Pilates and movement, wellness and other movement modalities. You can also follow Christina on Instagram.
  2. Jen, Spiritual Life Coach at The Spiritual Root helps women heal chronic fatigue from past childhood traumas + bullying to level up and speak their truth through chakra energy work & holistic health modalities. Don't miss her Live Chakra Masterclass on 12/20/21 at 2:22 p.m. EST & learn how to unblock stuck energy flow, be in alignment, and activate the energy centers for all 7 chakras! In addition to the live Masterclass, you'll get access to the replay and all PDFs as well as a special chakra gift from Jen (from the House of Intuition)!! Her Thyroid Ignite program starts Jan. 17th -- in this program she'll show you how to get your thyroid & hormone health and fitness ALIGNED AF so you can balance your hormones, end chronic fatigue, and reverse your thyroid symptoms. 
  3. Katherine at My Life Creative creates arts-based mindset tools that help build confident and resilient kids. Her Creative Affirmation Cards are an arts-based mindset tool to help build kids' self esteem.  Each interactive affirmation card features a positive statement to repeat, a beautiful image to color and a creative activity to deepen self awareness. Children are encouraged to write, draw and scribble all over these cards making them a personal keepsake. This deck of 54 affirmation cards can help improve self esteem,  develop a growth mindset,  deepen self awareness,  promote positive self talk,  and foster independence.  They include drawing & writing cues, mindful breathing & movement challenges. Follow Katherine on IG. 
  4. Tirra at Goddess, Body, Mind, Spirit is offering 90 Minute General Readings. In these spiritual readings, you'll receive a road map to navigate the areas of life and themes that are most important for at least the next 6 months in this virtual live reading. Her guidance will help you maximize the energy currently surrounding your life. Tirra uses several different tools and modalities to do the readings. Her readings are amazing and spot on!! I recently gifted myself a mini-reading for my birthday and was so impressed that I gifted a reading to my younger son as well for his birthday. Both were spot on--whether you're looking to gift to someone else or ask your loved one to gift to you, you be delighted you found Tirra! Follow Tirra on IG
  5. Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen, and yes, yours truly, offers Ignite the FIRE Within - a digital bundle to help you start your day! Step into your power with my audio affirmations, digital affirmation cards, guided meditation, Ignite the FIRE Within: Step into Your Power 30-Day Journal (digital) and my 'Building your Self-Care Toolkit' Workbook. It's all digital, so no shipping delays! Step into your power in just ten minutes a day with these simple yet powerful tools for your mind-body connection. Designed for the busy woman on the go! Follow me on IG.  
  6. Classical Music Conservatory (CMC) is a music school based in Toronto run by Lusiana and Wanda. CMC specializes in matching students to teachers to get the optimal result. They offer music lessons for all ages and levels. Whether you're interested in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Cello, Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone lessons, they have you covered! As of Fall 2021, you can choose either virtual or in person lessons. Follow CMC on IG.
  7. Rosalba at Andean Medicine for Healing has trained in various energetic disciplines including hypnotherapy, crystal therapy, Reiki, and more over the past 15 years. Her passion and focus lie with ancestral Andean teachings. The ancestral medicine of the Andes gives us the opportunity to open our hearts and know self-love, own who we are, allow our authenticity to shine, and bring healing to the world. Rosalba's Spa for Spirit Healing Session includes one 60-minute Chakra Harmonizing Session (remote healing via phone) plus a free gift! The Chakra Harmonization session assists in clearing and purifying the energy that may be clouding your perceptions, energy field, and body. Chakras are energy vortices in the luminous body which hold all our personal histories. Many physical and psychological problems such as fear, worry, anger, sadness, guilt, blame, shame, etc., stem from imprints within our luminous body. Heal your wounds to resolve conflicts within yourself and with others. In addition to your one-on-one session, you will also receive a free gift: the "Chakra Healing for Beginners" PDF. Follow Rosalba on IG. 
  8. Lexie at Moon Mama offers Moon Mama postpartum mesh underwear. Mamas, if you are wondering what to wear after giving birth, this is it! Moon Mama's high-quality seamless knit underwear is designed for comfort and durability during your postpartum recovery. They are incredibly soft and stretchy, so there’s no need to worry about unwanted pressure, and are great for c section recovery. Each pair is hand-dyed using a shibori technique for a truly unique pattern. Somewhere between disposable and forever, use these undies while you need them. Follow Moon Mama on IG. 
  9. Tahmina at Candid Phrases is an ethical copywriting coach to women entrepreneurs (as in ditch the 'bro-marketing' sales copy). For the entrepreneur on your list, grab her Ultimate Sales Page Template for coaches and course creators. Tahmina is offering a holiday special where the recipient will get a complimentary 30 minute session to ask their copywriting questions. Follow her on IG.
  10. Sonia, Certified Journal Coach, helps women heal themselves through the power of Journaling. Her gorgeous journal (digital download), Unravel Yourself is a guided journal to help you tap into your inner magic. Sonia wants you to believe how limitless and powerful you are!! Join her waiting list here for her year-end journaling party where you can set your intentions for 2022. Follow Sonia on IG.
  11. Sara at MomsGlassHouse has an Etsy shop with beautiful custom glass creations. Last year I bought a stained glass 3D Christmas tree tea light stand for my mom. It's hard to find unique gifts for my mom (big box store stuff just doesn't cut it for her!). My mom said the glass tree was beautiful! Follow her on IG.
  12. Keisha-Gaye, Poet & Visual Artist based in Brooklyn, NY, is the author of three poetry collections: Gathering the Waters, Everything is Necessary, and A Spell for Living. In addition to her poetry collections, Keisha-Gaye also has an extensive collection of artwork, including her Spells for Living Oracle deck. Each card features an inspirational message and her beautiful, vibrant artwork. Follow Keisha-Gaye on IG. 
  13. Oreet, founder of SharQui, will help you take fitness to a new level--one where you have fun! SharQui is where authentic bellydance meets high energy fitness. Follow Oreet on IG.