The Joy Is in the Journey, Podcast Interview with Suzi West

podcast women's empowerment Apr 06, 2021
On this week's podcast episode Sandi D. talks with Suzi West  whose life is hard to sum up with a series of job titles.
Suzi is a creative entrepreneur who also has worked for big brands as a Design Expert Specializing in Experiential Environments, Marketing and Brand Strategy. We talk about redefining yourself and having the freedom to constantly reinvent yourself. She shares her thoughts on what's important for entrepreneurs to remember as they develop their business. 
In one of her many roles, Suzi is a Life Consultant who works 1:1 with a select client base helping them discover a life of joy, happiness, and balance. She purposely limits the number of clients so that she can give them the attention they need.
Suzi is a kindred spirit whose approach to the world is one of creative curiosity best evidenced in her love of traveling and discovering new places and people. 
You won't want to miss this episode! 
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